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Denver, Colorado

I arrived in Denver, Colorado this morning with my boss on our business trip. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the sight of the Rocky Mountains lined up behind the skyline of Denver and then nothing but flatness up until the point where the mountains just sprout up out of nowhere. It is bad ass! I had sessions this evening at the conference and I have classes all day tomorrow, so finding time to hang out on the town will be hard. My boss and I went to dinner tonight to this nice restaurant and I had some awesome ravioli with no meat. Even our meals are free! We get reimbursed for everything - even "entertainment"! I am so glad they sent me out here. I had been dying to see Colorado and this is just a taste of what I will see later on a vacation. This place rocks! They have a freakin' Six Flags amusement park downtown!!! I still can't get over the image of those SNOW-CAPPED mountains behind the skyline! Beautiful! Well, I'm quite tired. Long day and I gained two hours in my day with the time change. Off to look out the window of my snazzy hotel! :-)
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