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Rainy Sunday and Concerts

It's a rainy Sunday and I actually have some time to calm down from the week. My job is going excellent and Matt's new job is great, too. He got his first check Thursday, which saved us with paying the mortgage. I think we will be back in good shape within a few months and I can't wait. I was checking concerts online and since Matt & I have tickets to see Disturbed with Chevelle on April 5th, there really is no reason to be concerned with Ozzfest, which is too far away to bother with anyway. However, He and I are interested in going to Livestock (a local heavy rock festival in the country). Def Leppard and Godsmack will be there and both are a "no miss" as far as I'm concerned! It's a two day festival and I'm sure those two will be on two seperate days, having them together would be too easy. April is going to be a fun-filled month for me! Two big concerts and a trip out to Colorado! Alright!!! Scott (Matt's friend) came over last weekend to pick up his puppy that we were watching for him while he was in Orlando (he goes out that way a lot) and he showed me his new website and told me about the internet radio show that he hosts on Monday nights. It sounded pretty cool. Lord Pentagno's Death's Dungeon
I like the way he makes fun of Stryper on there (the xian "hard rock" band from the 80's)! Check it out.

I'm outta here to hang out with my family. Alexis wants to play some games with Matt & I. I'm so glad I have those two. At least I know I'll never be alone.
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