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Hi there, It's me

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote in here. I guess I have been getting my life back together and regrouping. I really enjoy my evenings with my family so much that I rarely get online anymore at home. Plus, I'm on computers ALL day at work. I really love my job! My boss broke down and told me that he is going to offer me the job when the 60 days is up and he wanted to know if I was going to accept the position! WOW! I feel so much better! He also told me about the drug test I will need to take at the end of the month, which is cool because it feels like ages since I've smoked anything and I doubt I will anytime soon. He also said that they do random drug testing, which sucks, and that if your name comes up, you have to go. So, time to be MORE responsible than I already am and stay off the crack, I mean mary j. :-) I got a couple cheap Hawaiian shirts to wear to work. One of the guys in my IT department is Hawaiian and he came up with the idea for us to wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, which is cool and it keeps everyone feeling happy and loose. I like it. I never thought I would actually own one of those gaudy things, though, but you never know what you will do to fit in at work until you have a great job and you want to keep it. They sent me to a Microsoft TechNet seminar on Tuesday, which I enjoyed and got some free stuff. The place was filled with nerds and only about 4 women out of 100 men! I really look like I don't fit in at those things, but oh well. Alexis is doing great in school, which is no surprise. She is so adorable and smart and I am so proud of her. Matt & I have the biggest thing in the world in common and we love it. She is the light of our lives. It is wonderful to know that there is TRUE love in my life. It's been hot lately and I'm wanting that trip to Colorado more and more. I have so much to look forward to and I'm really happy. I do miss my Mom, and I have the feeling that after she moves closer to us at the end of the month, we will see her more. I sure hope so. Well... off to the free weekend of Starz on Directv!
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