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Home Sweet Home

Back home and I was actually ready to leave Denver and go home. I got back late Saturday night. Matt & Alexis met me at the airport and I couldn't wait to get hugs! I really missed them a lot. I want to seriously start to think about a vacation in Colorado. It would be awesome, if money permits. We'll see. I took some photos up there, but as usual, they didn't come out quite as pretty as it is in real life. I watched American Idol tonight and all I have to say is that I'm sick and tired of the sheep bitch, Carmen, sliding by again and again! OMG she fails! Clay or Ruben would be my pick. Either one and I'm happy. :-)

I get a whole day off work this Friday. Alexis is off school and nobody is available to watch her. I discussed this with my boss and he is fine with it. It is a nice change to have real understanding people to work with. :-) Alexis and I will paint ceramic and wooden easter eggs Friday. I hope we have fun. I know we will.
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