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Disney on Ice

I took Alexis to see "Disney On Ice - Princess Classics" today. We had a great time! It was a special treat for her and I. Matt didn't go because the tickets were so expensive. Plus he takes her to sporting events and I wanted to do something with just her and I alone. She really enjoyed it. I left it as a total surprise to her until we got there. She didn't know where we were going at all. It was a great show; very sparkly and magical. We both enjoyed it very much!

I got my shirt in the mail today that I ordered from Northern Sun. It says "Land of the free (with an asterisk next to it)... *Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited." It is great! Matt says he won't go anywhere with me dressed in it. Oh well. It is so true.

Ok... the war is over. Where is the "smoking gun"??? Where are all the chemical weapons??? I didn't think so.

Peace. and skate on!
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