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Work, work, work...

Nothing but work lately, but at least I LIKE what I'm doing now. I worked 8am until 9pm yesterday and 7:30 am until 4pm at the first job today and 6 more hours at the restaurant tonight. At least I get paid 12:30 hours overtime this week and my overtime rate is high! :-) We were migrating all of our users at work to a new domain and turning on Active Directory on our Windows 2000 servers. I know, a little behind the times, but progress is good. I was "in charge" of this project and all went as smooth as a baby's behind. I'm so proud of myself and I love my job! I've never felt like this before. I actually don't mind working late or at all. LOL Oh, what a feeling! I'm happy at what I do! Hope all is well with my live journal buddies. Sorry about the email still being turned off, but spam -- be gone! :-)
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