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I got real sick and had to go see the doctor today. I have tonsilitis again. I always get this, at least once a year. If I had medical insurance, I would get them taken out. I hate it because it is really painful to swallow. I think I caught it early this time, so that is good. Just my luck too, on Memorial Day Weekend! I get a whole two days off!! Yippee! Everyone else gets 3 days off, but you know me, all work - no play. I'm starting to feel better now, so I hope I can spend the weekend in the pool with my family and relax. That sounds real nice. Alexis was sick too, but just a little cough. She went to the doctor last week. Her last day of school is this Thursday. She was recognized in school for being the best helper. She was also in the best reading club. She gets to go on her school's t.v. and say the pledge of allegiance Tuesday. She said she will skip the "under god" part. My little trooper! I love her so much and I'm so proud of her. She got to come see my work Friday night. My battery went dead in the mustang and Matt brought me a new one and installed it at my work. He also brought Alexis and she went into my work and met a bunch of people. She went on a call with me to a user's computer and I let her fix it.... shutting it down and restarting it, blue screen. I let Alexis fix it. She did better than the users do. LOL My email is turned back on now. I will see how much spam I get now. Ta Ta!
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