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Not posting and spending money we don't have

I guess the online journal thing has gotten old. It was great before, but I just don't have time anymore and I just don't feel like doing it. I want my lj friends to know that I'm thinking of you even though I'm not posting often. Life is ok. There has been a lot of stuff happening financially that has brought us to our knees lately, but we will overcome. Our washing machine died, so we had to buy another one $350; the Explorer decided not to start one day - crank shaft sensor/labor/fix broken door lock $650, the mustang needed a battery/belt/new battery terminals $280; but the way Matt, Alexis and I have fun together...priceless. LOL That was good. I am finally a permanent employee at my new job. I got a raise, an EXCELLENT performance review and I feel much more comfortable there now. I think the security will be at this job for me. I'm extremely happy there. :-) I finally have an office, a real one, I'm going to hang my Microsoft certificates on the wall. I love going to work!!! Alexis will be starting 2nd grade in a few weeks! I built her a computer out of spare parts that we being discarded at work and what I had laying around. We gave her a new desk in the living room (because she doesn't like to be far away from us) and she loves it. We still haven't come up with the money to pay the lawyer. If it wasn't for all this other stuff happening, we probably could have. But that's life. I'm out. Be good everyone. Later.
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