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WOW! It's been a long time!!!!

Hi there. Guess nobody that I used to know is still around on here, but I remembered that I had this journal and came back to update it after getting my password reset because it's been AGES!!!! So much has changed with me. I am divorced from Matt and HAPPY. I am living with my boyfriend, Eddie, who is the best guy in the world and we were made for each other. :-) My little girl is turning 11 this Thursday! Eddie and I bought a house in Hudson that is absolutely beautiful! After living in an apartment for a year, I was damn glad to get back into a HOME. I bought my first new car, a 2007 Ford Escape (I know, I'm getting old...) and I still have my beloved Mustang and motorcycle. I'm a Diva Angel!!! I joined a lovely group of women who ride motorcycles and we have a blast. I love it! Anyway, if there is "anybody out there", drop me a line. Bye bye!
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